What are some simple online  accounting courses?

small business accounting
Every business, no matter how small it is, needs an accountant. When the business is small or new, there isn’t always a budget for an accountant on the payroll. Often, such businesses don’t even have a budget to hire the occasional services of an accounting firm.
What’s the solution, then? You can take matters into your own hands and sign up for a simple online accounting course. After all, the bookkeeping of your small business boils down to performing a series of simple accounting operations on a regular basis. If you’d like to learn more, check out the simple online accounting courses that we’ve selected for you below. 

1. CFI’s Accounting Fundamental’s Course

This is probably the most straightforward and the most popular accounting course that you can find online. Best of all, you can sign up for free. This accounting fundamentals course is in two parts. It covers pretty much everything that one needs to know about small business accounting. 

The course begins with a short and simple lecture on how to make your income statement and balance sheet. Special attention is paid to the specific format and layout of the balance sheet. As a next step, you’ll learn how to make a cash flow statement. The focus here is on the difference between a cash flow statement and an income statement. Moreover, you’ll also learn about profit and cash, and how to best manage them.
CFI’s Accounting Fundamental’s Course

2. Financial Edge Training’s Accounting Essentials Course

Unlike our first candidate, this one is not free. However, it is a simple online course that will provide you with hands-on experience in analyzing and interpreting the financial results of your company. In addition, the structure of the course is rather straightforward. 
As part of the course, you are going to watch 89 short videos covering six key topics in the field of accounting. You can watch one video as many times as you need, which makes the whole experience less stressful. Each video is about ten minutes in length, and the entire course takes about four hours to complete. 
The practical part of the course consists of several exercises to solve after each video. There are 58 exercises in total, downloadable via an Excel sheet. Moreover, the course can be downloaded via its provider’s application.
This course will provide valuable knowledge of accounting essentials, including non-current assets, working capital, and capital structure. The lecturers in the videos are practicing accountants and university professors. 
Free Accounting & Book

Accounting Coach’s Free Accounting & Book-keeping Course

This is another very good simple accounting course that we recommend you take. Despite the fact that it is free of charge, the course is very comprehensive. It covers a total of 33 different topics from Accounting Basics, though Working Capital and Liquidity, to Standard Costing. 
Each topic has a theoretical and a practical part. The theory is divided into four or eight parts, depending on the topic’s complexity. After you read through all of the information, you should do different practical exercises to complete the topic. The first test is the Practice Quiz, which is free to take.

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However, there’s a catch. Although the course itself is free to take, most of the practical exercises are not. This means that you’ll need to create a premium profile on the course provider’s official website to complete all practical tasks. Moreover, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan, which comes with certificates of achievement and the largest bundle of topics.